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AIT Events has won the recognitions from some international organizations, such as the international associations like GlobalPlatform – GP, International Smart Card Associaitons Alliance – ISCAN, NFC Forum£¬European Smart Security Association – EuroSmart, Asia Pacific Smart Card Association – APSCA, Smart Card Alliance US – SCA, Advanced Card Technology Association of Canada – ACT; the Asia Pacific Gases Manufacturers’ Association – APGMA, All Indian Industrial Gases Manufacturers Association – AIIGMA, Korean Industrial Gases Association, Korean Gas Safety Corporation, and Ukraine Association of Industrial Gases Manufacturers, Gases and Welding Distributors Association, USA.

AIT Events produces business to business events, and consulting in high growth technology areas, such as ranging from the IT sectors namely smart cards & RFID, mobile payment – NFC and wire & cable, to the energy sector like industrial gases and natural gas as well as LNG. Founded in 2000, AIT Events has grown substantially year by year. It seeks to develop and produce state-of-art industrial events of the trends in these technology sectors. In 2002 it won the Beijing municipal approval with the qualification for international trade shows and conferences. The company has most operations based in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chendu, Nanjing and Tianjin in China.

Trade Exhibitions:

1. China Golf Show

2. Wire & Cable Expo, China

3. Smart Cards & RFID, China

4. IG, China


E-level Conferences:

1. NFC Asia Pacific Summit

2. World IC Card Summit

3. World Luxury Yachts Summit

4. Asia International Cylinders Manufacturers Congress

5. Wire Asia Summit

6. China NGV Forum

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